Website Security & Maintenance

Keeping your Website Secure and Healthy

Once your website is up and running it needs to be kept secure and up-to-date.

All WordPress websites include themes (the layout), third-party plugins and many other items that are constantly being updated. WordPress itself is also updated regularly. These updates include bug fixing, enhanced security and new useful features. Without manually updating these items as they become available your website will soon become out-of-date and may contain bugs and security risks.

Your website will also include a back-end online database and an administration area where all of the website design, build and other tasks are done. These areas are prone to hacking and, unless professionally guarded, your site could be infected with malware without you even knowing.

We offer a couple of packages that will keep your website secure and constantly up-to-date.

Package Features



Our Packages

Security Only Package

£ 50 Yearly (+VAT)
  • Security features only

Maintenance Only Package

£ 50 Yearly (+VAT)
  • Maintenance features only

Combined Package

£ 80 Yearly (+VAT)
  • Security features
  • Maintenance features
  • FREE one-off media clean-up
  • 20% saving
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