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We understand the need and importance of having a website if you’re an artist. We also understand that as an individual artist trying to sell art online it may not be affordable to have a bespoke website built for you. That’s why for a limited time only we are offering websites for artists with:

  • Multiple galleries
  • A blog
  • About the artist page
  • Your own UK domain name
  • Free web-space for one year

All for £300. And what’s more this can be paid on a monthly basis. This makes getting a website totally affordable.

janeindigoHere is an example artist’s website – a website for the artist Jane Indigo.

With this package you can present your work in a gallery format for people to view and you have a blog where you can write news about yourself and your artwork.


The process for creating a website for you the artist is simple.

  1. Choose a template and colour scheme – see below
  2. Place your order and pay the deposit of £100
  3. We’ll register your chosen domain name
  4. Send us your pictures and some information about yourself
  5. We build the site and add up to 20 pictures (you can add more yourself later)
  6. And hey presto! It’s done!!

£50.00 will then be due every 4 weeks for the following 4 months. After that the only charge is the web-space renewal in one year and each year thereafter of £50.00.

Websites for Artists - Sample

Sell Online

For an additional £75 we will add an online shop to the website and connect it up to PayPal so your customers can buy your artwork or prints directly online and pay you through PayPal.

Contact us today and let’s start creating your website!


The following are the templates available for your website – click on the pictures to enlarge.

Elegance, Construct, Method, Modular, Persuasion.

We believe as an artist your artwork should be the focal point of your website, so the templates are simple but elegant and professional. The website examples below show a variety of colours. Each template is available in the majority of the colours shown here.

The majority of templates are available in the following colours:



Payment of £100 must be received before work commences

2 payments of £50 are to be made in the following 2 months by standing order. If payment is not received the site will be taken offline until payment is received.

The price includes

  • a domain name. Additional costs apply for a .com domain
  • free webspace (hosting) for one year
  • written instructions on how to update the website
  • telephone/email support of up to 1 hour to help you manage the website as needed
  • up to 20 pictures will be added at the beginning. You will be able to add more later (there is no limit)
  • up to 20 pictures added to the shop (if the sell online feature is being added to the website)

After 1 year the hosting (web space) cost will be £50, renewable each year

As these are template sites any requested customizations may be charged at our hourly rate of £30/hour.

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