Website Design Challenge

We have set ourselves a challenge – 8 websites in 4 weeks!!! What does this mean for you?  This means that over the next 4 weeks you can get a 4 page website for £350!!! This is almost half price….. The websites on offer are built using pre-designed templates. The way it works is you […]

Setting and Achieving Goals for the Year

January is traditionally a time to make resolutions and plans for the coming year. The first thing is to establish what your goals are for the coming year and also look at how well you achieved the goals you set for last year. If you achieved your goals give yourself a mental pat on the […]

Has your web designer done a runner?

We were contacted by a local company whose website had gone offline. It transpired the web design company they had used to build the website had vanished. The web design company’s own website was offline and they couldn’t be contacted by phone or email. On further investigation I found the company’s domain name had been […]

To Template or not to Template? That is the question

Should a website be built using a pre-designed template? There are many good reasons to use a template (pre-designed theme) for your website The design work is already done therefore the cost to get a web company to build it for you will be less

How to make money from blogging

How to Make Money Blogging

You may have heard of a way to make money online by blogging. If you know what a blog is, skip the next section – if not here’s a short intro about what blogging is: What is a Blog? Blog is short for weblog. A blog is an informational type website where people can post regular […]

5 Super Simple Techniques to Improve Facebook Advertising ROI

Guest Post by Ben Heath, Founder & CEO of Lead Guru  1. Install the Facebook Pixel The Facebook pixel is code that you place on your website. It tracks the people who visit your website and the actions they take (such as buying something). Having this information is incredibly valuable. Knowing who has visited your website […]

Mobile Friendly Websites

What exactly does that mean?When you view a website on a desktop computer or laptop there is plenty of space to create nice looking designs and fill it with content. There’s a big screen to fill so why not use it?When a website isn’t set up to work specifically on a mobile all you see […]

Using Canva to Make Graphics for Social Media

Our latest love is Canva! It’s a great way to quickly and easily make a graphic for your social media posts. There are statistics to show that if you post a picture with your words then your post will gain greater interest and therefore more exposure. Canva is a website where you can create graphics […]

11 Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives You Need to Know

Guest Post by Ben Heath, Founder & CEO of Lead Guru  One of the most underappreciated keys to Facebook advertising success is selecting the right campaign objective. Facebook uses your campaign objective to optimise your campaigns and help you get as much of your desired result as possible, for the lowest cost. Facebook’s targeting algorithms are […]

Help for Bloggers

Do you want to make money online by blogging? Did you fall at the first hurdle of getting your blog set up? We can help you with that. We have 20 years experience in web design and have used WordPress for many websites. Our service includes: installing WordPress if not already done installing your selected […]