Setting and Achieving Goals for the Year

January is traditionally a time to make resolutions and plans for the coming year.

The first thing is to establish what your goals are for the coming year and also look at how well you achieved the goals you set for last year.

If you achieved your goals give yourself a mental pat on the back – and acknowledge anyone who helped in achieving them. If you didn’t, acknowledge the fact you didn’t and move on. You are now in a new Year and the future is what you make it from here on.

Great, I achieved that goal! Now here’s to the next one“.


OK, I didn’t achieve that goal. That’s fine, this is a new year with new possibilities“.


Write down your goals for this year.

Write down a plan to reach those goals – more than one goal? Write a plan for each one.

Break down those plans into doable steps.

Here’s a simple example:

Goal: Double the amount of sales this year

Plan 1: Use Facebook Adverts to reach target public


  1. Set up Facebook ad account
  2. Work out the demographic you want to reach with the advert
  3. Work out a series of adverts to be placed – wording and graphics
  4. Place the first advert
  5. Review the results
  6. Place the next advert and adjust based on previous results.


Plan 2: Get a new website


  1. Contact a website designer and get a quote
  2. Write the text for the pages
  3. Send text and photos to designer
  4. Once the website is finished promote it on social media
  5. Send out a newsletter to existing clients telling them about the website


These are very simple set of steps for 2 plans to achieve the goal – yours could be more detailed and longer.

The key to getting the plan done and reaching the GOAL is to do the steps!

So, if you haven’t already written down your goals, planned them out and written down the steps, get to it! Before you know it January will be over and the days will be rushing by!

Website Plans

If you’re in business or just starting out on a new project your website should definitely be included in these plans.

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Is the website more than 5 years old, if so does it still look current or out-dated?
  2. Does your brand need a refresh with a new logo, updated colour scheme?
  3. Does your website contain information that is out of date?
  4. Have your business goals changed over time and does your website reflect this?
  5. Does your website work well on mobile devices?
  6. Do you have a backup system in place for your website?
  7. Does it have Google Analytics installed so you can track the number of visitors?
  8. Are you using social media to your advantage? For example, do you have a Facebook page with your logo, a professional cover image and do you make regular posts?
  9. Do you use LinkedIn or Twitter? If so, do you post regularly?
  10. Perhaps Pinterest or Instagram are more suited to your product type, if so are you using them to the full?
  11. Do you have regular news that people should know about and if so do you post it on a blog?

If you need help with the other get in touch.

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