How to make money from blogging

How to Make Money Blogging

You may have heard of a way to make money online by blogging. If you know what a blog is, skip the next section – if not here’s a short intro about what blogging is:

What is a Blog?

Blog is short for weblog. A blog is an informational type website where people can post regular content, almost like a diary.

An example of a blog would be someone who is travelling to various countries and they record their journey in various posts on their blog – a travelogue. The posts can include pictures as well as text.

Businesses often have a blog attached to their website to post their latest news and updates. A blog is an easy way to update news on a website.

How to set up a Blog?

An example theme for a blog

This is just a short summary of how to go about setting up a blog.

To set up a blog you need a hosting account (web space) and a domain name ( A lot of hosting companies have the facility to install a blog at the click of a button.

This installs a basic blog with a simple look. That’s where the fun comes in!

There are “themes” that can be installed to give your blog a “designer” look. There are many many themes out there, some are free with the option to upgrade to a professional paid version with more functionality or some you have to pay for straight-off.

It can be technically challenging if you’re not used to working on websites – which most people aren’t! It can be done but it may save you money by actually paying someone to do it for you. If it takes you 20 hours and a lot of frustration and exasperation to set it up imagine how many blog posts you could have written in that time!

One of the services we offer is to install your blog and set it up with the theme you choose. We have a few free themes available but if you want to purchase your own theme we can install that too.

For details on how we can help you set up your blog visit our Blog Setup page.

How to Get People To Your Blog?

Once your blog is set up and you’ve written a few posts, what then? Will people find your blog by accident? And how do you actually make money from it?

Firstly, it’s unlikely people will find your blog by accident. Search engines such as Google will eventually pick up your blog and list it but the competition is fierce and the likelihood of getting your blog featured on the first or second pages is slim.

There are various other tools to help you achieve this:

Social Media:

Pinterest is especially good for getting traffic to your blog. If your product is very pictorial then Instagram is a good one to use. Or if you’re a wiz at Facebook then that is also good

Email Marketing:

Getting people onto your mailing list and contacting them regularly is one of the best ways to get people to your blog.

How to Make Money From Your Blog?

Once you get traffic, how do you make money from your blog?

There are a number of ways to do this:

Affiliate links: An affiliate link is where you link to a product that someone else is selling. Amazon is one of the most well-known affiliate companies. A person clicks on a link on your website which takes them to Amazon. If they buy the product you get a commission. Amazon “knows” the person came from your website due to some special code in the link which identifies your website as the source. There are other companies that provide affiliate commission.

Sell someone else’s product directly on your website: This is likely to be a physical product such as jewellery and is usually known as drop-shipping. A person orders from you, you order from the supplier and the supplier sends the item directly to the customer. This means you don’t have to get involved in getting products upfront and keeping stocks – and of course, there’s only one delivery charge.

Sell your own product on your website: This could be a physical product, a download, an online course, a service etc.

Make Money Blogging Course

[Note: this section contains affiliate links which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something through the links, there is no cost for you]

Make Money Blogging for Beginners CourseThe above is just a very small description of what is actually a huge subject!

There are some very successful bloggers, some of whom have developed courses which lay out the how-tos of making money from a blog.

One of these courses is from Create And Go. The course to help you go from having a blog to make money from your blog is Make Money From Blogging For Beginners.

The course is very comprehensive and covers such subjects as:

  • Getting free traffic to your blog
  • Convert the traffic into money
  • How to use Affiliate Marketing including what it is, how to get started, maximising your affiliate marketing strategy
  • How and when to use adverts, sponsored posts and guest posts
  • Building an email subscriber list and the best way to use that including sales funnels
  • Using landing pages to convert and sell
  • Getting traffic from Pinterest, YouTube, Google, Facebook groups and more

The course is laid out in an easy to follow fashion and broken down into modules. The main format is video and most videos also have a PDF download covering the key points which are very useful for referring back to. Some modules contain text documents to read.

You can do the course at your own pace and have lifetime access so you can always go back and review again and again to fine-tune your marketing strategies.

We highly recommend this course so go check it out today!

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