Mobile Friendly Websites

What exactly does that mean?

When you view a website on a desktop computer or laptop there is plenty of space to create nice looking designs and fill it with content. There's a big screen to fill so why not use it?

When a website isn't set up to work specifically on a mobile all you see is a miniaturised version of the website that you can't read and have to zoom in to see.

A website that is set up correctly for a mobile will change somewhat. The text will be bigger. If the website has 3 boxes side by side these will now appear one underneath the other. Pictures will be bigger etc.

According to a report 65% of internet usage is now done on mobiles rather than desktop computers. 

In order to make a website look good on a mobile (also called Responsive Website Design), it helps to start with a simple design on a desktop. This then fits nicely onto a small screen and makes for a good user-experience. Although it's simple it can still by eye-catching and professional looking!

Why are mobile friendly sites important?

In 2016 Google changed the way it ranks websites so that mobile friendly sites appear higher in the results on mobile phones. This means if your website isn't mobile friendly it could appear lower down the search results.

In addition to that the viewing of social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, on mobiles is on the increase and so if you have a link to your website on a social media site you are likely to lose visitors if they then land on a non-responsive website. Online shopping using a mobile is also on the increase and another reason to have a mobile friendly website.


At Artisan Websites we design sites for the desktop and make them mobile friendly (responsive).

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