E-commerce Online Shops

Our online shops include a professional looking front-end giving your customers a good user experience and a back-end administration tool to manage your shop.

An example online shop. Click on the picture to visit the website.

The front-end includes the normal functions that you would expect of a shopping cart:

  • Product search
  • View product details
  • Add to cart
  • Customer login
  • Online payment
  • …. and much more!

The admin tool includes:

  • Product management
  • Customer management
  • Newsletter function
  • Shipping rules
  • …. and much more!

The price includes setting up the whole system including all product categories, shipping and tax rules (as needed), connecting to your online payment system. We will add 2 products per category and then show you how to do the rest. The shopping cart can be linked up to an online payment system such as World Pay and/or PayPal.

We use an off-the-shelf software package which means we can keep the costs down for you.

To keep your costs down even further you can choose from a template design or if you prefer a unique look our designer will create one for you.


Template-based design: from £858 (inc VAT)*

Bespoke design: from £1758 (inc VAT)*

*includes a 6 page website and the online store. Includes adding up to 25 products

Either option can incorporate your own logo and if you don’t have a logo we will create a simple text-based one.

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