Using Canva to Make Graphics for Social Media

Our latest love is Canva! It’s a great way to quickly and easily make a graphic for your social media posts.

There are statistics to show that if you post a picture with your words then your post will gain greater interest and therefore more exposure.

Canva is a website where you can create graphics for this purpose. There are pre-designed graphics which you can edit with your own text. A lot of them are free so all you have to do is change the text, maybe change the colours and you’re done! Others have photos in them that aren’t free so you either have to pay (a small amount) or upload your own photos.

What makes it so great is they have designs in the specific measurements that best fit the social media platform you’re using. For example, Instagram is best as a square whereas Facebook is rectangular.

And not only are there social media designs but there is so much more! Gift certificates, CD covers, banners, logos etc. etc.

How to make a graphic

The first thing you have to do is register for an account.

Once done, login and click on Create a Design.

Click on the design you want, such as Facebook Post.

On the left you’ll see the various canva layouts available. You’ll notice there’s the word FREE showing which ones are free. Scroll down until you see one you like and click on it. Below I’ve chosen the “Sale” layout.

To change the wording click on a word and it will open the editing box. Sometimes you can’t select a word easily – for example if you try to click on “enjoy 30%” you can’t. This is because the SALE layer and the box around it are slightly overlapping. To fix that you just need to click on the box containing the text and move it.

When you’ve clicked on the text you’ll see at the top there’s a section to change the font, the colour and the size.

In this particular example, the foxes can also be changed/deleted. In the example below a fox has been selected and you’ll see the colour option at the top and then it’s changed to purple.

Other options

Page background:

The background colour can be changed or a background pattern added.

Text block:

If you need more text blocks you can either copy an existing text block or add a new one.

To copy, click on a text box and use the copy button top right.

To add a new text block use the function on the left. You can add a Heading, sub-heading or body text – or select one of the text blocks below the headings list.

When you’ve added the text you can move it around and change the font/size/colour as above.

Other Elements:

There are a variety of shapes in the Elements section. Each of these can be modified as to colour, size etc., once they’re on the layout.


You can upload your own photos to use in the layout. This can be useful if you want to change a photo that’s on the pre-designed layout or if you want to add your logo.

Arranging layers:

Another useful tool is the bring forward/send backwards. This changes the order of layers. This can be needed when you’ve added a square and some text but the text is underneath the square. Click on the relevant forward/back and it will move the text in front of other elements.

Completed Work

Canva saves your work as you go. Once you’re happy with it click on the Download link at the top. This gives you the option of different formats. PNG and JPEG should be used if they are graphics for social media. PDF would be for something like a document.

When you go back to Canva next time you’ll see your existing designs.

And that’s the basics of using Canva!

Once you’ve made a few graphics you’ll get to know your way around it. You can even create your own custom sized layout – so if you don’t have Photoshop or other graphic editing program this can be a good tool to use.

Hope you found this tutorial useful. If you have any questions enter a comment below and we’ll see if we can answer them!

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