Website Housekeeping – The Importance of Updates

The bigger the website the more likely it is to go out of date.

For example, posts mentioning special offers make have become obsolete.

Pages listing prices may be outdated. A potential customer may contact you asking for a service at that price, only for you to realise that price was set 3 years ago and you’re now charging 20% more!

Therefore it is a good idea to go through your website every once in a while and check the content is still current and things like forms still work.

Things to check

  1. Are any of the news items outdated – special offers, specific dates etc.?
    Delete or put them into draft mode so they don’t display.
  2. If prices are mentioned anywhere are they still current?
    If not, update them.
  3. Do your blog posts show the date and was your last post over 6 months old?
    Write some new content! If your posts are old it brings into question whether you’re still there and in business.
  4. Check any forms on the website by filling them in yourself and ensure you receive the form by email.
    If not investigate and fix or contact your website support team and ask them to fix it for you.
  5. Check links on pages and ensure they work.
    This is especially important if there are links to external websites which may no longer exist.

If you need help with updating your website please get in touch and we’ll help you with that.

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