Website for Sale

We are offering pre-built websites for sale! Each website is adaptable to include your photos and fit the colour scheme of your branding.

All you have to do is supply us with:

  • your logo
  • copy for the pages
  • some pictures

We have a number of stock photos that can be used but if you have your own photos this is even better.

You will be able to update the website yourself (or we can update it for you - see costs below).

Note: the photos used in the pre-built websites may not be available and will be replaced with your photos or stock photos.


What's included?

  • FREE UK domain name for 1 year
  • FREE hosting (web space) for 1 year
  • 4 pages: Home, About, Services, Contact
  • Links to your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Up to 6 stock photos
  • Basic search engine optimisation
  • Google Analytics so you can track the number of visits to the website


  • Additional pages + £30 each
  • Gallery + £30 each
  • Copywriting (writing copy for the pages for you) + £65 per page
  • A blog + £30

Future Costs

Updates - £40 per hour
After 1 year - hosting and domain renewal £59
(if you have a domain name registered elsewhere the renewal for hosting is £50).


Payment for the website can be made in one go at the beginning or in 2 stage payments. The 1st payment is due before starting, the 2nd payment is due on completion before the website goes live. 

Ownership of the domain name will remain with you. We will renew the domain name each year on your behalf. Renewal of the domain name will not occur unless the invoice for hosting and domain renewal has been paid at the end of each year. If this is not paid the website will be taken offline.

Website updates after completion will be charged at £40 per hour and payable within 30 days.



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