4 Tips for Using Facebook in Business

Facebook is a popular platform for social interaction which can be used to your advantage as a business. Here are just 4 things that can help get the most out of it: BUSINESS PAGE: Creating a page is the first step. A page is different than your basic profile and contains specific postings and pictures about […]

New Year, New Plans for Your Website – 2018 is here!

A New Year is traditionally a time to make resolutions and plans for the coming year.  If you’re in business or just starting out on a new project your website should definitely be included in these plans. Here are a few things to consider: Is the website more than 5 years old, if so does […]

Setting up Email Accounts

This is a guide to the settings for email hosted on our hosting servers only. To set up email on your computer, laptop or mobile device, the following are the settings: User Name: your FULL email address. Password:  your mailbox password Incoming Mail Server / Outgoing Mail Server:  mail.[domain], replacing [domain] with your domain name. An example would be John […]

General Internet Related Tips, Tricks etc.

This post will be regularly updated with Tips & Tricks related for using the internet, Facebook, Twitter, your computer etc. These are things we’ve either discovered for ourselves or some other helpful individual has posted somewhere! They will run in reverse order starting with number 1 at the bottom – this way when you come back to the page […]

Special Offer: Tradesmen 1 page website

Are you a decorator, plumber, electrician, plasterer or some other trade in need of a website? Well, we can help! For a limited time, we are offering a one-page website to tradesmen for £200.00. Click here to see an example site. Your website will look like this but modified to include your logo and colour scheme. […]

5 Reasons to Use Email Newsletters

1.  It keeps you in touch with your customers This is the first and most obvious reason. By regularly keeping in touch with your customers you are keeping yourselves at the forefront of their thoughts! If you keep communicating you can develop a better relationship with them. You can keep customers up-to-date on what you’re […]

Common Courtesies

I recently read a blog post about common courtesy. A number of points centred around the use of mobile phones in public and how rude that can be. It got me thinking about common courtesy in business and what this might entail. Here are a few that I came up with. Feel free to comment […]

Backup, Backup, Backup!

The importance of making backups of your website is not always realised. In the “old days” websites were made on a computer and then uploaded to a server where they become visible on the world wide web.

CV/Resume Online

Looking for a job? A great way to present yourself to prospective employers is to display your CV online as a website. These can be very simple or stylish – whichever option you choose you can add to and update it whenever you want! We can build your online CV website and add the initial […]