New .UK domain name

What is .uk? is the latest addition to Nominet’s series of United Kingdom domain extensions, sitting alongside,, and the rest of the .uk family.

The official launch date for .uk domains is 10 June 2014 but existing and customers can pre-order their .uk with guaranteed success before this date.

.uk domains offer a fantastic range of benefits for website owners targeting a UK

Build a foundation of trust

Domains with the .uk extension are not only respected globally, but are the preferred choice of web users from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, helping users to create a great first impression with visitors from these regions.

Short and concise is the shortest extension possible; it’s faster for smartphone and tablet users to type. This also gives the domain a punchy feel, puts a strong focus on the brand name and makes it highly memorable for users, increasing the chances for website owners to receive more traffic.

Compliments existing registrations

If a user already has a,,, .or even .com, .net or .org domain name, a .uk sits perfectly with them and provides flexibility in terms of extra websites, URL shorteners, or redirects.

Protect personal or company names

Registering a .uk version of an existing domain name allows users to stay in control of their personal or company name, ensuring that squatters and competitors don’t take advantage or trade on that name.

Target the UK

A .uk domain helps website owners to strengthen their position and space in the UK market and for UK visitors whilst enjoying the authority that comes with using UK search engines.

Highly diverse

Whether you’re launching a business or personal website, a .uk domain name is always a great option. This also means that if your business or project changes direction, your .uk will still be relevant.

Key dates and definitions

Launch date: 08:00hrs on 10 June 2014

The reservation period for existing customers who already have a,,,, or runs up until 07:59hrs on 10 June 2019.

Domains registered before 23.59hrs on 28 October 2013 will have rights to the equivalent new .uk domain, provided there was no other corresponding,,,, or registered.

All domains registered after 28 October 2013 and before the new .uk domains are launched will also have rights to the .uk equivalent, as long as there is no clash with any existing domains in the following situations:

Where there are two or more domains with the same website name, the will be offered the .uk equivalent. Where there is no, the will be offered the new .uk equivalent. Where there is no or the will be offered the new .uk equivalent.

Right to reserve

Nominet has defined certain rules for .uk domains to dictate who is entitled to
them across a range of circumstances:

  •  New registrations of domains made before 08:00hrs on 10 June 2014 (provided that no other equivalent,,, or exists) will get the rights to the new .uk domain.
  • After launch on 10 June 2014 any new registrations within the .uk family (e.g. in, etc.) no longer get automatic rights to register the new .uk domain. So these new .uk domains become available for anyone to register.
  • Anyone wanting a new .uk domain, where there are no existing domains with rights, will simply be able to register the new .uk domain.

This advanced is available if either you or your customers want to find out who has first rights for particular domains.

Extra information

  • Domains must be continuously registered to retain the rights to the new .uk – however, if a with rights is not renewed between now and 10 June 2014, then it re-gains the right if it is re-registered prior to 10 June 2014.
  • If a user has the right to register a new .uk domain then that right will move with the domain, if the user transfers their domain to another person, as long as it remains continuously registered.
  • All rights to new .uk domains will cease if an existing domain is not renewed.

Contact us today to reserve your .uk domain!

The cost to reserve is £15.00.

*Note: we can only reserve the domain if your domain is managed by us.
If your domain isn’t under our control please contact your domain registration company.

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