To Template or not to Template? That is the question

Should a website be built using a template design?


  • The design work is already done therefore the cost to get a web company to build it for you will be less
  • There are some great designs available and many to choose from
  • Your website can be built fairly quickly


  • Unless you pay the “buy out” price (often £1000s) you may find someone else using the exact same template for their website – but – as there are thousands of templates the probability that the same template will be used for the same industry as yours is small
  • Some parts of the template can’t be edited

There may be more cons but if you have a small budget and want to get online quickly with a professional design then a template design could be the answer.

We can build you a website based on a template.  Our prices start at £300.

This includes:

  • the template
  • free hosting for one year
  • up to 5 email addresses
  • a free UK domain name
  • building the website incorporating your own logo
  • making the website live

If you would like a template based design please get in touch and we’ll go from there!

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