Tips for Successful Blogging

There’s a useful little tool to use when writing a blog post. This is the “insert more tag”.

What this does is put a break in your post and the rest of the content will then appear on another page. 

Why do this?

  1. If you’re not careful your blog will become endlessly long with the content of every post on the blog’s home page.
  2. With such a long page it can take AGES for the blog to load, especially if it contains a lot of video.
  3. If a blog home page just contains summaries of the posts it’s easier for people to quickly scroll down the page and pick the blog post they most want to read.

It looks like this:


Or, if you’re using windows just type Alt+Shift +T.

Write a paragraph, click the button and carry on typing. Everything after that point will automatically appear on another page. Happy blogging!


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