Tips to Avoid Spam

We all receive spam email. Although it’s hard to eradicate entirely there are ways to reduce it. The following are some tips:


  1. If you have access to a spam filter as part of your hosting package increase the level to stop the spam. It’s a good idea to forward the junk mail to another email address or spam box, rather than delete, so you can check from time to time if the spam filter has been over-zealous and filtered out an important email!
    Any account hosted with us has a built in spam filter, set to low by default.
  2. For company email never use the email address info@ and sales@. These are targetted by spammers. Even enquiries@ can be spammed so come up with something inventive as the email address.
  3. When signing up for newsletters, online shopping etc. use a different email address than your normal personal/work email. It’s easy to set up an email address at hotmail, gmail or yahoo which you can use just for this purpose.
  4. Don’t respond to any unsolicited email – it just tells the person your email address is valid and you will keep receiving emails.
  5. Only use the unsubscribe link in an email that looks like it comes from an actual company. Some spammers include unsubscribe links but as in 4 above, if you “unsubscribe” it just shows you’re active.
  6. NEVER NEVER NEVER open an attachment unless you are a) know the person who sent you the email and b) the communication within the email shows the attachment is valid and not just a virus.
  7. Ignore any Delivery Failure messages for emails you didn’t send. This is a trick spammers use – they never use their own email address to send the spam. However, if you’re receiving a large number of these over a short period of time it could mean you have a virus or your email account has been compromised. Do a virus scan of the computer and contact your email/website host to get your password changed.
  8. Failing all the above change your email address!

And something you may not know – the term spam originates from the Monty Python sketch where 2 customers in a cafe are ordering from a menu that includes spam in almost every dish! TheĀ Vikings in the sketch chant “spam spam spam spam spam, WONDERFUL SPAM”…..

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