The use of social media buttons

Have you ever read something on the web that you found interesting and thought “that would be good to share with my friends”?  And then looked in vain for a “share” button?

This can happen and if your website is missing these important share buttons you may be losing out on your content being shared with others.

Some important ones are:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Google+

And becoming more popular:

  • Pinterest

One way of covering all bases is to use ShareThis which gives a number of different options and sites to share.

These “share” links are different than “follow us on …..”. The Follow Us type links will just add your Facebook or Twitter page to that person’s list of sites to follow. The “share” links are more specific and so you can share a blog post, page on a website or product in an online shop.

This blog post has share buttons on the left and at the bottom of the posts.

If you’d like some help implementing this on your website get in touch.

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