Social Responsibility

At Artisan Websites we care about the environment and the planet we live on. This planet has to sustain human life for many many years to come and at the rate of destruction of the rain forests and other factors such as CO2 emissions our days on this planet are numbered.

One day perhaps the space program will be further advanced to the point where other planets can be found but in the meantime we need to take care of this one!

As part of our efforts in this direction we support the WWF and Trees for the Future.

WWF: So far we have sponsored a tiger and a snow leopard.


For as little as £3 per month you can help make a difference.

Trees for the Future: This organisation is involved in restoring forests and making them useful to mankind. Trees are vital to this planet because they help to:

  • Counteract climate change
  • Offset CO2 levels
  • Improve access to water
  • Regenerate the soil and increase it’s productivity
  • Improve animal living conditions and survival

So for that reason we are planting trees!

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