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I just read an article called “Why are restaurant websites so horrifically bad?”. It’s about the number of restaurant websites that have useless flash introductions, automatic music playing etc. These sites don’t deliver what people are looking for – or if they do, it’s done in such a way that it takes ages to find and requires a degree in navigational skills.

I had a look at some of the websites the person was referring to and these were from the USA.  He’s right – lots of useless flash that takes time to load, then you’re bombarded with music which is pretty annoying if you’re already listening to music while your surfing, and then you have to be pretty smart and keen eyed to find the information you want!

So I thought I’d have a look at some of the UK restaurant websites (by searching for restaurants west sussex) and I was pleasantly surprised.  Although some of them could be improved design-wise the majority of them did not have Flash intros, nor did they have any music. They presented the key information that people look for and in the main, these sites were quick to load and easy to navigate. Perhaps Britain has a more sensible approach to web design??

If I’m looking for a restaurant in my local area I’m generally looking for their location, what’s on the menu and how much does it cost, when are they open and what’s the number to book. What about you?

When we design websites they are designed to look professional, be quick to load and easy to navigate. We may suggest changes to copy and organisation of the website to make it user-friendly as well as search engine friendly. But the key thing is the website MUST communicate and give the information in the few seconds that a person will spend on a website before they give up and go elsewhere (50% leave within 8 seconds). How long will you spend looking at a website before giving up?

If you’re a restauranteur looking for a nice  clean, clear website then get in touch.

Here’s a humourous take on restaurant websites:

And here’s the original article if you want to read it in full:

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