Are you putting your worst foot forward on the web?

A website should be the “shop window” to your business.

Imagine if you were outside a toy shop and the toys in the window were all faded; the toys are haphazardly placed and some have fallen over; the windows are dusty and hard to see through; the “sale on now” poster has been there for 6 months and is frayed around the edges; the shop is dimly lit so you can’t tell if they’re open or not.

Would that entice you to go into the shop?

The opposite – the toys are all new and displayed in a pleasing manner; every week there is a new display; the “sale on now” poster has only been there for a few weeks, looks new and is brightly coloured; the windows are clean and the shop is well lit; a sign says children welcome…..

I would definitely go into that shop.

Now translating that to a website these are signs that you are putting your worst foot forward:

  1. The latest news section is at best over 3 months old, at worst over a year old
  2. There is no welcoming or enticing message to get you to go further
  3. Your logo looks like it’s just plonked on the page top left with no attention to the actual “design”
  4. The colours of the website are dim
  5. Any product photos are blurry and take ages to load
  6. The copyright notice says © 2004…..
  7. The website is squashed to the left-side of the screen using some old width standard from the days when screens were small
  8. The navigation is confusing and you don’t know where to go
  9. The website is set up to work on a mobile and is all squashed and tiny

Best foot forward

Result? Lost visitors.

Do any of these describe your website?

It’s time to PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD! Get in touch and let’s see how we can bring that about.

If you’re happy with your website but you’ve seen others that leave a lot to be desired share this with them and count it as your good deed of the day!

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