Email Newsletters

Would you like to send professional looking emails to your customers?

Do you want to have an easy to manage subscribe/unsubscribe system?

We can provide this service! The service includes:

  • design of the newsletter
  • first newsletter created with content
  • upload of your customer emails for your first mailing
  • scheduling and sending or your first mailing

After that you can manage the system yourself!

The design of the newsletter will contain similar features to your website, including your logo and colour scheme. This is then created in a template which contains editable areas where you add content including text and pictures. In this way you can send a newsletter whenever you like.

The other advantage of this sytem are the statistics recorded when someone opens the email, clicks on a link etc. This will give you information regarding what was successful and what needs to be improved for the next newsletter.

In addition to this a subscription form can be added to your website and when people subscribe they are automatically added to the mailing list (you can also manually add contacts). If someone unsubscribes they are automatically deleted leaving you with time to get on with more important things!


One-off set-up cost:
Design and build of the template: £175
(this includes adding the content to your first newsletter, uploading your client email addresses and scheduling the delivery)

Mailing costs:
Delivery fee for each newsletter sent: £5.00
Cost per recipient: 2p

Example costing:

1st mailing:
Design and build and content for first newsletter: £175
Delivery fee: £5
Sent to 500 email addresses: £10
TOTAL: £190

2nd mailing:
Delivery fee: £5
Sent to 500 email addresses: £10
TOTAL: £15

That’s it – no recurring fees, just pay per campaign. With 500 email addresses that means it’s only £15 per mailing once the design and template is done!

Alternatively if you want to use something like MailChimp we can design a template which you can re-use for your mailings.

If you would like to use this service please get in touch.

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