E-commerce Online Shops

Our online shops include a professional looking front-end giving your customers a good user experience and a back-end administration tool to manage your shop.

An example online shop. Click on the picture to visit the website.

The front-end includes the normal functions that you would expect of a shopping cart:

  • Product search
  • View product details
  • Add to cart
  • Customer login
  • Online payment
  • …. and much more!

The admin tool includes:

  • Product management
  • Customer management
  • Newsletter function
  • Shipping rules
  • …. and much more!

The price includes setting up the whole system including all product categories, shipping and tax rules (as needed), connecting to your online payment system. We will add 2 products per category and then show you how to do the rest. The shopping cart can be linked up to an online payment system such as World Pay, PayPal and Nochex.

We use an off-the-shelf software package which means we can keep the costs down for you.

To keep your costs down even further you can choose from a template design or if you prefer a unique look our designer will create one for you.


Template-based design: from £999.00*

Premium design: from £1250

(*includes purchase of a template worth up to £50. Templates are also available for £150 for which extra would be payable)

Either option can incorporate your own logo and if you don’t have a logo we will create a simple text based one.

Contact us today to get started!

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