3 Easy Ways to Market your Business


Per Merriam-Websters dictionary Outflow is something that flows out.

Outflow in the business arena includes sending out emails, letters, telephone calls and so on.

outflowInflow would be a flowing in of something. The ideal inflow would be enquiries, orders, new clients, sales etc.

If you are outflowing you’re letting people know you’re there and chances are you’ll get an inflow.

A great way to outflow is using Email newsletters. Let your customers know what you’ve been doing recently, any news you want to tell them, special offers and more.


Social media is a way for people to interact online to share experiences, information, ideas and so on. What began as a “social” experience now encompasses business experience with many businesses using Social media to promote to their existing clients as well as getting new clients.

Social media includes such things as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to name a few.

It can seem like a lot to take in but you don’t have to use them all at once. Start with one and master that and then move on to more.

Social media is also a form of outflow!



This sounds like an obvious one but there are still people who don’t have a website or whose website is poorly designed and doesn’t communicate.

All 3 of the above should interact – the newsletter should follow the same branding as the website; your social media should use the company logo and link to the website and the website should link to your social media.

You might think that a website is a static entity that doesn’t outflow – but if you keep it updated and someone reads that information you’re going to get some inflow!

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