Customised Blogs

I’m sure you’ve heard the word about blogs? Know what they are? Want your OWN? With your own domain name??

Blog is short for weblog. A weblog is a journal (or newsletter) that you regularly update and is intended for general public consumption. Blogs represent you and your ideas – you can say what you think, describe your activities etc. A bit like an online diary for everyone to see! You can invite comments (or disable them if you prefer) which will help you gauge public interest.

Why have your own Blog?

A customised blog is different than the sites where you join and set up a blog – this blog is your own website and can either be added on to your existing website or it can be a website all by itself. It will show your own logo and the colours and look can be customised to be similar to your existing website

A blog is useful to keep your customers updated on what you are doing; announcing new products; general comments about the business world and so on.

There are many styles available. Here are just a few (click to enlarge):

Blog Functions

  • Regular updates
  • Image upload and display
  • Share to Facebook links
  • Random picture display in the right-hand column

A photo gallery function can also be added for a small extra cost

Our Service

The service we provide gives you:

  • domain name
  • 5 email addresses
  • an installed blog
  • an easy to use admin tool to add/edit posts and as well as various other things
  • 1 hour consultation by email as needed to get you up and running

If you already have a website we can model the look of the blog on your website using the same colour scheme and your logo (please enquire for prices).

The cost? £50 per year and a one-off set-up fee of £150.

This includes the domain name and email addresses as above. You are free to use the email addresses for any purpose, not just for your blog.

If you would like to order a blog please email us with your Name, Address and preferred domain name. (please see terms & conditions below).

If you are thinking of getting a website made or would like a blog added to your existing website we can customise the blog to look the almost the same as your main website – for a seamless customer experience! The price for this would be based on the amount of other work being done so please ask for details.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: The cost of the domain is non-refundable after it has been registered. The domain will be registered with the name and address you provide and will belong to you.

The price only includes UK domain names (, For .com or .org domains please add an additional £20.00 to the price. If the domain name you have chosen is not available we will get back to you with suggested alternatives but in the first place please check to see the domain is available.

The price includes 1 hour of consultation by email as needed to get you started. The admin tool is simple to use and self-explanatory (with its own help section) and little consultation should be needed. We will inform you when the hour has been used. After this, any consultation will be charged at our normal rate of £35.00/hour.

This service is mainly provided using our hosting system. There may be additional charges due to the set-up being different at other hosting companies, in which case you will be informed before any work takes place. If your hosting system does not support blogs we will let you know and offer an alternative.

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