Common Courtesies

I recently read a blog post about common courtesy. A number of points centred around the use of mobile phones in public and how rude that can be. It got me thinking about common courtesy in business and what this might entail. Here are a few that I came up with. Feel free to comment to add yours.

  1. When someone sends you a quotation for a service/product it’s good to send a reply, even if it’s “no thank you”. Otherwise, they are left hanging – did you get the quote, didn’t you like it, was it too expensive? etc.
  2. Similarly, if someone sends you an email answer it – preferably within a day
  3. After someone does a good job for you send them a letter, email, phone call to say you liked it. Even go so far as to write a public review about the work
  4. Pay bills on time. This is especially important if your supplier is a small business owner as they are often relying on your payment
  5. Be on time for meetings
  6. Allow people to have their say and don’t interrupt
  7. The opposite would be – don’t monopolize the meeting by saying too much!

I’m sure there are more but just the above would help to improve our business relationships.

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