Wedding Websites

Are you one of the lucky couples planning a wedding for next year? Do you know someone who is? From dresses to flowers, venues to photographers, so much to plan! Where do you start? A great idea is to have a website so all the Bride and Groom’s family and friends can stay in the loop […]

News & Spring Offer

Spring has well and truly sprung in many areas of the UK, I hope you are enjoying some sun like we are. Spring is a traditional time of year for “Spring cleaning” and this doesn’t just have to apply to your home but can also apply to your website. It’s a good time to look […]

Website design – It’s a kind of Magic

Do you want a website like one of these? These are all bespoke – designed for a particular client. Let us weave our magic and create a bespoke design for you! Fill in the form below today and we’ll get right back to you with a quotation. All our websites come with one year of […]

5 Ways to Make Your Website Work Better for you

With a New Year starting it’s a good time to review your website strategy to see if it’s working well for you. Here are five points to consider: 1. Update your blog If you have a blog when was the last time you posted something new? A lot of blog posts have the date the post was […]

Time is Money

[huge_it_video_player id=”2″] Every minute spent on something other than producing your company’s product or servicing your clients is a minute lost. Each minute lost is income not made. How can minutes be lost? One way is to try to do something you’re not a specialist at such as designing and building your own website. Unless […]

Are you putting your worst foot forward on the web?

A website should be the “shop window” to your business. Imagine if you were outside a toy shop and the toys in the window were all faded; the toys are haphazardly placed and some have fallen over; the windows are dusty and hard to see through; the “sale on now” poster has been there for […]

Before & After Website Designs

Before & After Website Designs Here is a selection of websites we have re-designed over the years with before and after pictures:           Would you like a makeover of your website? Contact us today and we’ll take a look at your website and give you a free quote.

4 Ways to Keep your Website Current

It’s important to keep your website up-to-date and current for a number of reasons: It brings people back to the website It helps with search engine listing It shows you’re alive and well! When you come across a website that has news from over a year ago you might wonder if the company is still […]

3 Easy Ways to Market your Business

1. OUTFLOW…. Per Merriam-Websters dictionary Outflow is something that flows out. Outflow in the business arena includes sending out emails, letters, telephone calls and so on. Inflow would be a flowing in of something. The ideal inflow would be enquiries, orders, new clients, sales etc.

Build it and they will come – Myth

This is a play on words from the movie Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner. Anyone who has seen the movie will know the main character (Costner) keeps hearing a voice whisper in his ear “If you build it, he will come” and eventually he sees a vision of a baseball field. He goes on to […]