5 Super Simple Techniques to Improve Facebook Advertising ROI

Guest Post by Ben Heath, Founder & CEO of Lead Guru  1. Install the Facebook Pixel The Facebook pixel is code that you place on your website. It tracks the people who visit your website and the actions they take (such as buying something). Having this information is incredibly valuable. Knowing who has visited your website […]

Using Canva to Make Graphics for Social Media

Our latest love is Canva! It’s a great way to quickly and easily make a graphic for your social media posts. There are statistics to show that if you post a picture with your words then your post will gain greater interest and therefore more exposure. Canva is a website where you can create graphics […]

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming into effect on the 25th May 2018. These are regulations which expand on the current Data Protection Act and it’s important that business owners are aware of its content. The purpose of this article is to summarise some of the points that will affect business owners in regards to their website […]

4 Tips for Using Facebook in Business

Facebook is a popular platform for social interaction which can be used to your advantage as a business. Here are just 4 things that can help get the most out of it: BUSINESS PAGE: Creating a page is the first step. A page is different than your basic profile and contains specific postings and pictures about […]

5 Reasons to Use Email Newsletters

1.  It keeps you in touch with your customers This is the first and most obvious reason. By regularly keeping in touch with your customers you are keeping yourselves at the forefront of their thoughts! If you keep communicating you can develop a better relationship with them. You can keep customers up-to-date on what you’re […]

Internet Phone

If you work from a home office you will likely have a separate phone number for your business calls. Potential customers can feel more reassured if you have a landline number rather than just a mobile but it can be an expensive option with today’s costs for line rental. An affordable alternative is a phone that works […]

A Tip on How to Appear Near the Top of Google

When you search for a type business in a specific location you will often see a map appearing and a list of businesses underneath this. These results appear because the businesses are registered with Google and have a “Google My Business” page.

3 Easy Ways to Market your Business

1. OUTFLOW…. Per Merriam-Websters dictionary Outflow is something that flows out. Outflow in the business arena includes sending out emails, letters, telephone calls and so on.