Blog Spammers

Blog spamming is a real nuisance to say the least.  By blog spamming I mean those people who purposely spam your blog with comments such as “great blog”, “I learned a lot from your blog”, “I was really glad to find your post….” or just general advertising of their own services.

These are not from people who really think the blog is great and the majority of them have an email address at gmail or ymail or and they give some dodgy website address such as casino something or

Originally I naively though people really did mean it when they said “great blog” but when you get a repetative comment 2 or 3 times a day you know it’s gotta be spam!

A post such as “Not long ago, I did not give a lot of thought to leaving comments on site page reports and have placed responses even less. Reading by means of your enjoyable post, will assist me to do so sometimes.”….. I mean, WHAT’S THE POINT OF THAT!!!

What are the options?

Firstly, it’s advisable to moderate comments which means the blog administrator has to approve the comments before they go live.  What this means in effect is you get a regular flow of emails from your blog where people have posted bogus comments which require your attention.

I’ve just deleted 96 such bogus comments from this blog.

Secondly, you can require people to register AND login to be able to post a comment (which still needs approval). I’ve just changed my setting to this so we’ll see how it goes. Maybe the fact they have to register will slow them down – especially if it’s an automated spammer.

Thirdly, you can disable comments altogether. This seems a shame when you post useful information that people can make useful comments about or ask questions about.

To make any of these changes go the settings section. To require registration firstly you need to tick anyone can register under General. Then in the Discussion part tick Users must be registered and logged in. And to prevent comments appearing before approved tick Comment author must have a previously approved comment – so if you haven’t approved them their comments won’t ever display until you do!

I read about something called Akismet which blocks spammers. This is a free service for a personal blog but you have to pay if it’s commercial – maybe worth it if you’re using the blog a lot.

Unfortunately we have to put up with these merchants of chaos who’s sole purpose seems to be stopping you from working and creating havoc!

OK, rant over…..

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