5 Reasons to Use Email Newsletters

1.  It keeps you in touch with your customers

This is the first and most obvious reason. By regularly keeping in touch with your customers you are keeping yourselves at the forefront of their thoughts! If you keep communicating you can develop a better relationship with them.

You can keep customers up-to-date on what you’re doing, any new services they may be interested in, special offers etc. This helps them by offering something they might need and it helps you in the form of repeat business.

2.  It can get you more customers

Sending a newsletter by email makes it very easy for someone to forward on. Can you imagine them putting a printed newsletter into an envelope and posting it to a friend? No. But with a click of the mouse it’s easy!

3.  It’s sooo much cheaper then posting printed newsletters

When you consider the price of stamps it’s a lot more cost effective to spend – lets say – 2p per recipient using an online newsletter system. On top of the postage you have the cost of printing the newsletter, envelopes for sending, not to mention the man-hours involved in that. There are even newsletter systems such as Mailchimp that let you send email newsletters for free if you have less than 2000 on your list.

4.  It’s easy!

Using an online newsletter system all you have to do is put your latest news into the template, select the list of your customers and send it. You can make it nice and colourful with pictures, link to articles online and more. You can even schedule it to go out at the time you think will be most beneficial i.e. 8.30am to catch people arriving at work, lunchtime when they’re catching up on email, or 5.00pm to catch them as they’re winding down for the day!

5.  Tracking stats and list management

When you send a printed newsletter out in the post you have no idea how many people actually open the envelope or put it straight in the bin. You don’t know if they read it unless you get a direct response. With an online newsletter system you can view a full report of how many people opened it, when they opened it (which will help you plan the scheduling of your next mailing), any links they clicked on within the email and more.

Any unsubscribes or bounces are automatically removed from the system so you don’t waste money emailing them again.


And so with those 5 good reasons I urge you to give it a go! We offer an online newsletter service and here are the details.

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