5 books website designers should read

Below are a list of 5 books that any web designer should be encouraged to read. While it’s not important to read all it definitely helps. You can just use the internet to advance your skills but there is so much rubbish information out there that by reading a book you don’t have to become a filter for bad information. So with that – onto the list!

Creating a Website – the missing manual

This book I would say is essential. For beginners or experts, there’s so much information in this book it would be hard not to learn something.

Think you need an army of skilled programmers to build a website? Think again. With nothing more than an ordinary PC, some raw ambition, and this book, you’ll learn how to create and maintain a professional-looking, visitor-friendly site. This Missing Manual gives you all the tools, techniques, and expert advice you need.



CSS – the missing manual

Yes, another missing manual. How many manuals have we lost over the years! Another in depth book, this time for CSS. Everytime I skim through this book I learn something new. It’s great if you’re just starting off in the world of CSS but it’s also great as a reference, i’m constantly referring back to it when i’m knee deep in CSS.

Cascading Style Sheets can turn humdrum websites into highly-functional, professional-looking destinations, but many designers merely treat CSS as window-dressing to spruce up their site’s appearance. You can tap into the real power of this tool with CSS: The Missing Manual. This second edition combines crystal-clear explanations, real-world examples, and dozens of step-by-step tutorials to show you how to design sites with CSS that work consistently across browsers. Witty and entertaining, this second edition gives you up-to-the-minute pro techniques.


Web Design – All-in-one for Dummies

No, no this really isn’t for dummies. But if you are a dummy then don’t not buy this book 🙂 This book covers a wide range of things needed in terms of being a web designer. If only we web designers had to deal with graphics, how easy our lives would be. But alas, we have to learn a multitude of things such as hosting, emails, coder etc…Nod your head if you sympathise..

Web designers must wear many hats. Among books on Web design, Web Design All–in–One For Dummies is the one that helps you successfully wear all those hats without losing your head. Full–color illustrations and five self–contained minibooks show you how to be a graphic designer, creative organizer, visual communicator, markup language technologist, and cutting–edge trendsetter, all in one. This book helps you lay the groundwork, follow design rules, test your site, register a domain name, and much more.


Javascript: the good parts

While Javascript isn’t a must, it definitely helps. For the average web designer this may seem like a steep learning curve and it is. But the web is constantly becoming more interactive, it’s worth the time and effort to at least understand Javascript. Once you have an understanding of it, you can find many resources on the web that provide you with javascript programs for you to use and edit how you like.

Most programming languages contain good and bad parts, but JavaScript has more than its share of the bad, having been developed and released in a hurry before it could be refined. This authoritative book scrapes away these bad features to reveal a subset of JavaScript that’s more reliable, readable, and maintainable than the language as a whole-a subset you can use to create truly extensible and efficient code.


WordPress for Dummies

WordPress is becoming one of the most used CMS systems out there. The reason is it’s versatility. With the general public becoming more and more internet savvy, they want this, they want that. Well for those of us who don’t speak PHP or Javascript or Klingon, then WordPress is something every web designer should know how to use.

WordPress is a state–of–the–art blog publishing platform with nearly ten million active installations. Eight minibooks provide you with expanded coverage of the most important topics to the WordPress community, such as WordPress basics, theme designs, plug–in development, social media integration, SEO, customization, and running multiple sites. Veteran author Lisa Sabin–Wilson leads an authoritative team of authors who offer their unique knowledge and skillset while sharing invaluable advice for maximizing your site’s potential and visitor experience.


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